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      Bedroom interior in the modern world: a place for relaxation and love
      Textured surfaces, the play of light and shade, beautiful linens, table lamps and bedside tables – look at what original tricks you can not just decorate the bedroom with, but create a truly magical space for relaxation and pleasure.
      Our rules about:
      • colour
      • shine
      • materials
      • the atmosphere
      Elena Kisenko
      Rule #1.
      The power of color
      We advise you to choose a color scheme that is calm and relaxing. At the same time, the palettes can be different: you can decorate the bedroom in bright colors, or in dark – it all depends on personal preferences.
      The most versatile color for decorating bedrooms, of course, is white. Its main advantage is its many shades and excellent interaction with other colors.
      In modern interiors, dark colors are no less relevant. Despite the fact that black is rare in the bedroom, it looks as spectacular as possible. Dark tones well emphasize the architecture of the room, make the space more voluminous, graphic and stylish.
      Rule #2.
      Light scenario
      Nothing helps create an intimate atmosphere in the interior like proper lighting. Subdued light will set you in a romantic mood, and bright, on the contrary, will invigorate. Good, diverse lighting gives you much more room for self-expression.
      Particular attention should be paid to the side light: floor lamps, lamps on tables, sconces, suspensions. Very beautiful light looks built-in light behind the head of the bed. By installing dimmers instead of conventional switches, you can easily adjust the brightness of the light and create a camera environment.
      Rule #3.
      In the arrangement of the bedrooms, various textures play an important role. Pleasant to the touch, they create a mood, bring warmth and tactility to the interior. Leather, wood, silk – the most sensual materials, so they have the very place in the bedroom! The modern suite is not in expensive finishes, but in naturalness and comfort. In the bedroom you should definitely be warm and comfortable, so a good air conditioning system and thoughtful heating are a must have for this room. Blackout curtains allow you to relax and rest as much as possible even during the day.
      Rule #4.
      The atmosphere is influenced by all the moments that affect the brain: light, color, textures, as well as forms and functions.
      Another important element of the bedroom is the bed. If room size allows, do not push it against the wall. Let the air go around the bed from four sides, this technique will give the interior a sense of spaciousnes.
      A soft headboard makes the bedroom more comfortable. Choose bedside tables of different shapes based on the function. Such a lack of symmetry will make the interior vibrant and catchy.