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      We are team of dedicated professionals
      Since the founding of the Bureau in 2018, we have stuck with a simple philosophy — any living environment should be designed in a manner that best serves the purpose and needs of the targeted groups of people. There are many ideas and design methods, but in each specific case, there is only one solution — the most effective.
      The most important element in Raimer Bureau is people.
      Our team is made up of experienced, active and competent professionals, who can turn ideas into reality and make each project special.
      Our main course of action is architectural design. We create residential and commercial real estate for private and corporate clients. We are sure that for the architect there is no standard answer to the task. Each new architectural object gives a new way of looking at the creation of a unique space.
      Interior Design
      For us the basis of a successful interior is clean lines and geometric shapes, restraint and logic. At the same time, the uniqueness of each project is extremely important for us. That is why we are in a permanent process of searching for solutions, objects and details that can emphasize the exclusivity of your interior.
      Authors supervision
      We carry out Author’s supervision at all stages of construction, make adjustments if necessary and clarifying the nuances about the execution of the work. We do inform our customer about this, because he also has the right to make operational adjustments.
      Landscape design and engineering
      Architecture manifests in many forms, and one of them is landscape design. It can touch the site of the house or the exploited roof of the building. We believe that by creating landscape spaces, we make the world a better place.
      Our Values
      We pay accurate attention to the desires of our customers. We identify unspoken needs and untapped potential. We find the essence, give it forms and matter, interlace it with the created environment — this is how the vision of the future project is born.
      There are no compromises on this issue. We are perfectionists, and we do not divide tasks into important and low priority ones. Every detail, every little thing matters, because their totality leads to the perfect result.
      We start by finding the main goal of the project, and then we proceed to design. In our understanding, there is nothing that would be taken for granted or absolute. When you are not limited to things, that have been done before, you can really create something completely new. There are no identical projects for us.
      After all, it's not about us. The spaces that we turn into reality are the expression of your needs and thoughts. At the heart of all that we do is the desire to use design and to help people live and work, using new and better ways.